Jusepe de Ribera

Spanish painter (1591–1652)

Jusepe de Ribera (January 12, 1591 - September 2, 1652) was a Spanish Tenebrist painter and printmaker. He also had the name Lo Spagnoletto ("the little Spaniard") given to him by his contemporaries and early biographers. Rivera was considered as one of leading painters of the Spanish School, although his mature works were painted in Italy.

Jusepe de Ribera
Copy of Saint Thomas (purported Ribera self-portrait) engraved by Hamlet Winstanley
Baptised(1591-02-17)February 17, 1591
Xàtiva, Valencia, Spain
DiedNovember 3, 1652(1652-11-03) (aged 61)
Occupation(s)painter and printmaker
Years active16111652
Known forDrunken Silenus, Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son, The Martyrdom of Saint Philip, Clubfooted Boy, The Holy Family with Saints Anne and Catherine of Alexandria



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