large brown seaweeds in the order Laminariales

Kelp is a type of marine seaweed. It is a brown algae. There are many different kinds of kelp. Kelp grow in large forests, usually near the surface of the water. It grows in nutrient rich saltwater. [1]Some kelps grow very fast (up to 30 cm a day). Kelp can reach a length of up to 60 metres. The blades are kept afloat by gas-filled bladders.

Kelp forest in Monterey, California
Kelp on a beach

Kelp plays an important role as food and habitat for fish and other forms. It may be eaten as a vegetable.

Kelp is found in many places. People put it in aquariums. In the Monterey Aquarium there is a large forest of kelp.

In some parts of the Pacific Ocean, sea urchins have eaten so much kelp that the kelp forests become urchin barrens.[2]

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