Khamen Chatpa

traditional loin cloth for men of Meetei ethnicity of Manipur (Kangleipak)
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Khamen Chatpa is a traditional Meitei white silk loincloth (pheijom), mainly made with purple patterns of scrolls stamped on it by means of wooden blocks, worn by men. It is worn especially during the festival of Lai Haraoba in Manipur (Kangleipak).[1] During the days of monarchy, it might not be worn by people of inferior rankings, but the royalties generally might wear it at their pleasures. On auspicious occasions, the king used to honor his subjects by gifting or awarding the Khamen Chatpa. It was a special privilege not achieved by common people.[2][3][4][5][6][7] However, it is one of the particular dress codes of the amaibas.[8] The pena singers are also free to wear the Khamen Chatpa, made with impressed designs in purple or maroon colours.[9]

An illustrated design of a typical "Khamen Chatpa"
Meitei men wearing the "Khamen Chatpa" loinclothes

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