mythological Greek character, daughter of Boreas
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Chione/Khione (or Χιόνη)was the goddess of snow in Greek mythology. Daughter of the river god Nile and the Oceania Callirroi. Snow lived in the fields and was once abused by a farmer. For this reason, Chione/Khione was transformed by the god Mercury, at the behest of the god Zeus, into clouds of snow, which fall and destroy the Spartans.Daughter of Boreus and Oreithyia (the daughter of the king of Athens Erechtheos). Siblings of Chione/Khione were Zetis, Calais and Cleopatra. This Snow gave birth to a god child, Eumolpus from the god Poseidon, and to hide him (for fear that her father would not find out), she threw him into the sea. Nevertheless, Poseidon saved the child and raised him. Daughter of Arcturus who was kidnapped by Boreas, with whom she had three sons, who became priests of the god Apollo in the country of the Hyperboreans. In the "Transformations" of the Roman poet Ovid (XI 339) Chione/Khione was the beautiful daughter of Daedalion. With two gods, the god Apollo and the god Mercury, he slept the same night and they had children with her. With Apollo she gave birth to Philammon, who later became king and musician in Phocis, and with Hermes (according to one version) Autolycus, who had the ability to transform what he steals. Having made two gods fall in love with her in one day, Chione/Khione, unable to hide her pride, began to boast of her beauty and womanly qualities, daring to say that she was more beautiful than the goddess Artemis. Hearing this the goddess sent her arrows to take her life.[1]


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