Khongjomnubi Nongarol

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The Khongjomnubi Nongarol (Meitei: ꯈꯣꯡꯖꯣꯝꯅꯨꯕꯤ ꯅꯣꯡꯒꯥꯔꯣꯜ), also spelt as the "Khongchomnupi Nongkalol", is an ancient Meitei literary narrative work (puya) about the six girls turning into the Pleiades in the sky.[1][2][2][3][4][5] "Khongjomnubi" or "Khongchomnupi" means the Pleiades and "Nongarol" or "Nongkalol" means the ascend to the Heaven. The work is believed to be composed during the 14th century AD.[2][2][3][4][5]

Khongjomnubi Nongarol
CountryAncient Manipur
LanguageMeitei language
Genreliterature, mythology and religion

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