Khuman Kangleirol

"Khuman Kangleirol" (Meitei: ꯈꯨꯃꯟ ꯀꯪꯂꯩꯔꯣꯜ), also spelt as "Khuman Kangleiron" (Meitei: ꯈꯨꯃꯟ ꯀꯪꯂꯩꯔꯣꯟ), is a chronicle (puya) of the Khuman dynasty.[1] It is one of the most significant historical documents of Kangleipak (Manipur).[2] It was produced during the reign of Chit Sai (1748 AD-1752 AD). It gives the information on the genealogy of the rulers of the Khuman dynasty.[1] The Khuman principality was once more prosperous than the Ningthouja principality. But, by the 12th century AD, the Khuman principality gradually declined. By the reign of Meitei king Kongyamba (1324 AD-1335 AD) in the early 14th century AD, the Khuman principality was merged into that of the Ningthouja principality.[1]

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