Here is a list of monarchs of Cyprus.

List of monarchs of Cyprus

Coat of arms of Lusignans as the Kings of Cyprus.
Lusignans as the Kings of Cyprus and Jerusalem
Lusignans as the Kings of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia (since 1393)

House of Lusignan

Pretenders of the Kingdom of Cyprus

  • Thierry of Flanders, who married the "damsel of Cyprus", heiress of Isaac Komnenos, in the winter of 1202/1203, claimed the kingdom, but Aimery refused to surrender it.
  • Eugene Matteo de Armenia (1480's–1523), said by his own progeny to have been an illegitimate son of King James II of Cyprus and if born in the 1480s he was quite a posthumous specimen, alleged to have moved to Sicily then Malta, founder of the family of Baron di Baccari (Tal-Baqqar).
  • Charlotte (d. 1487) and Louis (d. 1482), queen and king-consort, continued as pretenders, Charlotte renounced 1482 in favour of:
  • Charles I of Savoy (1482–1490), legitimate great-grandson of Janus of Cyprus, son of a first cousin of Charlotte, second cousin of James III, nephew of Louis
  • Charles II of Savoy (1490–1496)
  • Yolande Louise of Savoy (1496–1499) and Philibert II of Savoy (d. 1504)
    • Philip II of Savoy (1496–1497), father of Philibert II, great-uncle of Charles II and of Yolande Louise, first cousin of Charlotte, maternal grandson of Janus of Cyprus.