Kirovabad pogrom

pogrom in Kirovabad formerly Ganja

The Kirovabad pogrom was an attack by Azeris against the targeted Armenian population living in the Azerbaijani town of Kirovabad in November 1988. It is estimated that at least 130 people were killed.

We went to see what was happening. We saw these guys in the streets. I do not know who they were drug addicts, maybe. They had sticks and clubs, and lists of Armenians and where they lived. They wanted to break down the doors of Armenian apartments and chase them out. The police did not do anything. They just stood and watched. Same with the soldiers, who had weapons. We asked them to help. There were about a dozen soldiers and ten of us, and there were about twenty in the gang, but the soldiers wouldn't help. They said: 'You can do it yourself, Blackie. We're not getting involved.[1]

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