Swedish natural doctor (1788-1842)

Kisamor, (1788-1842), was a famous female doctor in Sweden. Her real name was Maria Jansson, but she was always called Kisamor. Kisamor means "The Mother in Kisa" in English, and Kisa was the place were she worked. She was a doctor before it was allowed for a woman to be a doctor, and she is the most famous woman doctor in Sweden in the 19th century.

She was born in Örebro. Her father was a doctor in natural medicine, and she wanted to become one too. But her father wouldn't let her. Instead, her forced her to marry a farmer. The marriage became unhappy, and she divorced her husband.

She often visited sick people and worked as a doctor in natural medicine. One day, she was given a house in Östergötland as a gift by some rich women after she had made them well after sickness. She visited the sick in their cottages, and sometimes they came to her in the inn called Kisa, and therefore, she was called "The Mother in Kisa".

She became famous, and people came to her from all over the country to ask her for help. In 1825, she was given special permission to work as a doctor, even though it was forbidden for a woman to work as a doctor.

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