Sun God in Meitei Manipuri mythology and religion
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"Korouhanba" (Meitei: ꯀꯣꯔꯧꯍꯟꯕ)(Old Manipuri: ꯀꯣꯂꯧꯍꯟꯄ, romanized: ko-lou-han-pa, lit.'Master of the Sky' is the master of the sky or heaven and god of the sun in ancient Meitei mythology and religion.[1] He is also known as Taohuireng and is one of the two sun brothers in the Numit Kappa epic legend.[1] For having the ability to removing darkness, he is also called "Ngantureng". He is described as "Songbu Chiraitangba", a physician who is bald headed.[1]

God of the sun, sky and heaven[1]
Member of Primordial deities
Sun symbol yellow.svg
Other namesKolouhanpa, Numit, Taohuireng, Taodanba, Ngantureng
AffiliationMeitei religion (Sanamahism)
MountFlying horse
TextsNumit Kappa, Soupon Lailemma Loutalon, Wakoklon Heelel Thilen Salai Amailon Pukok Puya
RegionAncient Manipur (Ancient Kangleipak)
Ethnic groupMeitei ethnicity
FestivalsLai Haraoba
Greek equivalentHelios, Apollo
Hinduism equivalentSurya
Egyptian equivalentRa

He is also connected with Mangang Luwang Khuman, the three divine teachers in many legends.[1]

His pantheon is mainly maintained by the Thokchom family.[1][2]

He has religious association with the Maring tribes.[3]

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