youth division of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

The Komsomol was the Communist Youth League in the Soviet Union. It was officially called the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. It started in 1918. It was for people from 14 to 28. For people under 14 there was the Young Pioneers, and for under 9 the Little Octobrists.[1]

All-Union Leninist
Young Communist League

Всесоюзный ленинский коммунистический союз молодёжи
Founded29 October 1918 (1918-10-29)
Dissolved28 September 1991 (1991-09-28)
Succeeded byRussian Communist Youth League
Mother partyCommunist Party of the Soviet Union
International affiliation
NewspaperKomsomolskaya Pravda

In March 1926 there were 1,750,000 members: 6% of the eligible youth population.[2]

It didn't have much political influence but it was important for teaching the values of the CPSU to the younger generation.


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