Kool & The Gang

American R&B, soul and funk band
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Kool & The Gang is a crossover R&B-pop band from Jersey City, USA. They were formed in 1964 as a jazz band called The Jazziacs. In 1969 they signed to De-Lite Records and published their self-named album.

Kool & the Gang
Kool & The Gang
Background information
OriginJersey City, New Jersey, U.S.
Contemporary R&B
Years active1969–present
LabelsDe-Lite, Mercury
MembersRobert "Kool" Bell
Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan)
George Brown
Clifford Adams
Sonnie "Skip" Martin
Shawn McQuiller
Rodney Ellis
Jirmad Gordon and Curtis "Fitz" Williams
Past member(s)James "J.T." Taylor
Rick Westfield (deceased)
Claydes Charles Smith (deceased)
Robert "Spike" Mickens (deceased)
Dennis Thomas (deceased)

In late 1970s they switched from pure deep funk to disco and they were more successful.

In band there is Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, George Brown, Dennis Thomas, Robert Mickens, Clifford Adams, James Taylor, Sonnie Martin, Rodney Ellis, Jirmad Gordon, and Shawn McQuiller.

Their song "Jungle Boogie" appears in 1994 movie Pulp Fiction.

Discography change

Albums change

  • 1975: Spirit of the Boogie (US #48)
  • 1979: Ladies Night (US #13)
  • 1981: Something Special (US #12, UK #10)
  • 1983: In The Heart (US #29, UK #18)
  • 1984: Emergency (US #13)

Songs change

  • 1974: "Jungle Boogie" (US #4, US R&B #2)
  • 1979: "Ladies' Night" (US #8, US R&B #1, UK #9)
  • 1980: "Celebration" (US #1, US R&B #1, UK #7)
  • 1981: "Get Down On It" (US #10, US R&B #4, UK #3)
  • 1982: "Hi-De-Hi, Hi-De-Ho" (UK #29)
  • 1984: "Tonight" (US #13, US R&B #1)
  • 1985: "Fresh" (US #9, US R&B #1, UK #11)