Korea Baseball Organization

governing body for professional baseball in South Korea

The Korea baseball organization (KBO) manages and administrates Korean professional baseball League. In addition, KBO works on many things about baseball. First of all, KBO collects and keeps baseball records. Second, KBO supports amateur baseball. Third, KBO works for international exchange or activities such as Olympic game and World Baseball Classic(WBC) and so on. Fourth, KBO supplies and develops baseball skills. KBO was established with Korean professional baseball league in 1982. KBO’s main office is located in 946-16, Do-kok dong (Korean: 도곡동), Kang-nam ku (강남구), Seoul (서울), South Korea. In Korean league, there are 10 teams which are Lotte Giants, Samsung Lions, SK Wyverns, LG Twins, Doosan Bears, Hanwha Eagles, KIA Tigers, Nexen Heroes, NC Dinos, and KT Wiz.

Korean league change

Each team plays totally 133 games per one year. These 133 games are called the pennant race. After the pennant race, top four teams go to tournament. Firstly, semi-final game is called semi-play off. In this Semi-playoff, two teams (3rd and 4th in the pennant race) play the game and a team which wins 3 games of total 5 games goes to the next stage. The next stage is called playoff. And this is also 3 out of 5(A team wins 3 games first, then that team can go to next stage.). In playoff, a team which is a winner of semi-playoff plays with 2nd team in the pennant race. A winner of playoff plays with 1st team in the pennant race. This is called Korean series. This is 4 out of 7. (If a team wins 4 games first, that team becomes the team of that year.) In Korean league, there is also all star game like major league baseball(MLB)in America. KBO manages all of these games.

Organizaion change

The president of KBO is Gu boneneung in 2011. KBO consists of many groups such as an executive office, KBOP, an umpire committee, a record committee and an education committee. As not permanent committees, there are a prizes and penalties committee, a rules committee and an advisory committee.

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