Koreapas (고파스) is an online homepage for Korea University students in South Korea. It provides information which is useful in school life. It is called 고파스 (Ko-pas). It was started in 2007 by person who named Park Jong Chan. There is news about school and lecture information. Students talk freely and share information. So, it is useful to register before the semester starts. You can find information about restaurants and flea markets too.

Park Jong Chan who made this online community was elected the student president in 2011. His well-known name because of making Ko-pas helped him to be elected. Many students are so familiar in this homepage and it makes students remember his name easily.

Ko-pas has been criticized because of its exclusivity. There is a anonymous board in Ko-pas page and some students use swear words and say unproper words as a student. The other problem is exclusive culture in Ko-pas. They only along with those members in that site and show disrespect to other groups especially less famous university in Korea. But, it could be a one of side effects and internet cultures as well

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