Kress Stores

defunct chain of five and dime stores located in the United States

S. H. Kress & Co. was a group of "five and dime" department stores in the United States between 1896 to 1981. The business was started in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, by Samuel H. Kress in 1896. Kress Stores were common in many cities and towns of the United States. In 1964, S. H. Kress & Co. was bought by Genesco, Inc. Genesco began closing down the stores in 1980.

The Kress chain was known for the architecture of the stores. A number of former Kress stores, now used for other things, are said to be landmarks. Some of the most well-known Kress locations included New York City's Fifth Avenue, Canal Street, New Orleans, and one at Hollywood's Hollywood Boulevard. The one at Hollywood Boulevard is now preserved at a theme park in Florida.

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