Kumamoto Castle is one of the most famous Japanese castles. There are a lot of ginkgo trees, so some people call it Ginkgo Castle.[1]


1-1Hommaru, Chuo-ward Kumamoto, Kumamoto, 860-0002, Japan.

We can get to there in about 10 minutes bus or streetcar ride from JR Kumamoto Station. The one-way fare is 150 yen.We can also get to there in about 40 minutes the airport shuttle bus ride from Kumamoto Airport. The one-way fare is 730 yen.We can also use cars. There is a lot of parking just next to the castle. But we must pay 200 yen for two hours.


Kumamoto Castle was completed by Kato Kiyomasa in 1607. He was the first lord of the castle. After that, the lord of the castle was Hosokawa tribe for 240 years.[2] In 1877, Kumamoto Castle was almost destroyed by the effect of Satsuma Rebellion. In 1960, the tower was repaired.[3]


The outer stone wall of Kumamoto Castle has particular structure.[4] It is called Mushagaeshi. It can prevent enemies from climbing stone walls because it curves out at the top.


Coordinates: 32°48′22″N 130°42′21″E / 32.806063°N 130.705972°E / 32.806063; 130.705972