Lake Iseo

fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy

Lake Iseo or Lago d'Iseo or Sebino is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy. Water flows into it from the Oglio river.

Lake Iseo
Lago d'Iseo
Isola di Loreto.jpg
Isola di Loreto
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Coordinates45°43′N 10°05′E / 45.717°N 10.083°E / 45.717; 10.083Coordinates: 45°43′N 10°05′E / 45.717°N 10.083°E / 45.717; 10.083
Primary inflowsOglio
Primary outflowsOglio
Catchment area1777 km²
Basin countriesItaly
Max. length25 km
Surface area65.3 km²
Average depth124 m
Max. depth251 m
Residence time4.2 years
Surface elevation181 m
IslandsMonte Isola, Loreto, St. Paul