meat of an adult sheep
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The terms lamb, mutton or hoggett are used to describe the meat of a domestic sheep. The meat of a sheep a year old or younger is generally known as lamb, whereas the meat of an older sheep is either hoggett or mutton depending on its age and characteristics. In some countries all such meat is referred to as lamb. All of these are known as sheepmeats.

Lamb chops
Lamb legs
Mutton skewer with satay in Indonesian style

The meat of a lamb is taken from the animal between one month and one year old, with a weight of between 5.5 and 30 kilograms. This meat generally is more tender than that from older sheep and is often eaten more often in some western countries, most often on Easter.

Hoggett and mutton can taste more flavorful than lamb because they contain a higher concentration of species-characteristic fatty acids; many therefore prefer the stronger flavour of older animals.[1]


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