Land Forces of the National People's Army

land warfare branch of East Germany's military forces

The Land Forces of the National People's Army (German: Landstreitkräfte der Nationale Volksarmee, or LaSK der NVA) was the ground-based military branch of the National People's Army. It was the largest branch, with 120,000 soldiers.



The LaSK had a peacetime organisation since 1972 under the command of the Kommando Landstreitkräfte. Its largest formations during peacetime were Military Districts III and V.

In addition to Military Districts III and V, additional artillery and support units, as well as paratroopers of the Luftsturmregiment 40 (Prior to 1986, the 40. Fallschirmjägerbataillon), were also under direct command of the Kdo. LaSK.

In wartime, both military districts would have been transformed into armies under Soviet high command.

Order of battle (1986-1990):

Military District V (North)

  • 1. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Potsdam-Eiche)
  • 8. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Schwerin)
  • 9. Panzerdivision (HQ Eggesin)

Military District III (South)

  • 4. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Erfurt)
  • 11. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Halle)
  • 7. Panzerdivision (HQ Dresden)

Second line divisions

  • 6. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Königswartha)
  • 10. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Ronneburg)
  • 17. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Petersrota)
  • 19. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Wulkrow)
  • 20. Motorisierte-Schützen-Division (HQ Bredenfelde)

Other units

  • Luftsturmregiment 40 "Willi Sänger" (Kommando Landstreitkräfte)



Small arms

  • Makarov PM pistol
  • PPSh-41 submachine gun
  • Mauser Kar98k bolt-action rifle
  • Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle
  • SKS semi-automatic carbine
  • AKM assault rifle
  • AK-74 assault rifle
  • RPD light machine gun
  • RPK light machine gun
  • PKM medium machine gun
  • SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • RPG-7D light-AT weapon
  • RPG-18 light-AT weapon

Armoured vehicles

  • BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle
  • BRDM-1 amphibious armoured patrol car
  • BRDM-2 amphibious armoured patrol car
  • BTR-40 armoured personnel carrier
  • BTR-50 amphibious armoured personnel carrier
  • BTR-60 armoured personnel carrier
  • BTR-70 armoured personnel carrier
  • BTR-152 armoured personnel carrier
  • PT-76 amphibious light tank
  • T-34 medium tank
  • T-34 main battle tank
  • T-55 main battle tank
  • T-72 main battle tank