Leisem Jagoi

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"Leisem Jagoi " (Meitei: ꯂꯩꯁꯦꯝ ꯖꯒꯣꯢ) (literally, "Dance of creation of the earth"[1]) is a dance form enacted by imitating the movements of nine gods and seven goddesses creating the earth, followed by Laibou Jagoi, depicting the creation of human body and various activities of man, like weaving of clothes.[2][3] The sequence of the dance is performed by the Ningol Macha (girls).[4] The six original forms of the dance are leishem, leitai, nongdai, leipekpa, leihouba and leipiba.[5] It is one of the early dance forms of Ancient Manipur contributing to the rich Manipur's classical wealth of culture.[6]

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