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Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

political party in Russia, formerly Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (Russian: Либерально-демократическая партия России (ЛДПР), Liberal'no-demokraticheskaya partiya Rossii (LDPR)) is a far-right populist political party in Russia. It was founded in 1992 and since it's establishment has been led by the controversial figure Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
LeaderVladimir Zhirinovsky
IdeologyRussian nationalism
Right-wing populism[1][2]
Political positionFar-right
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
ColoursBlue, Gold
Seats in the State Duma
56 / 450
Seats in the Regional Parliaments
212 / 3,787


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