Lieutenant general

military rank used in many countries

Lieutenant general or lieutenant-general (abbrev Lt Gen, LTG etc.), is a military rank (NATO code OF-8). It is used in many countries. The rank traces its origins to the Middle Ages where the title of lieutenant general was held by the second in command on the battlefield. The lieutenant general was normally subordinate to a captain general.[1]

Lt Gen US Military

In modern armies, lieutenant general normally ranks directly below a general and above a major general.[2] It is equivalent to the navy rank of vice admiral. In air forces with a separate rank structure, it is equivalent to air marshal. In the US Army a lieutenant general usually commands an army corps.[2]

In a number of countries, the rank of lieutenant general is the highest army rank in use. In Latvia and Lithuania, the chief of defence is a lieutenant general. In the Irish Defence Forces and Israeli forces, the Chief of Staff holds this rank.


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