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The follow is a list of the episodes of the Nicktoon Back at the Barnyard.

Season 1: 2007-2008

  • 5 half episodes were aired in July 2008 as "Barnyard Blowout Week".
  • 5 half episodes have be airing in September 2008 as part of "Barn to Party Week".
Episode # Original Airdate Title Overview Title Parody
1 September 29, 2007 The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty In the season premiere, it's Otis' birthday and they celebrate it by making the farmer leave the barn, but it's ruined when "Snotty Boy" is hired to watch the barn. He continually tries to hurt the animals, so they have to get him back in order for the party to continue. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Escape From the Barnyard The animals see the farmer with what looks like a barbecue grill and think that he is going to cook and eat them. The animals escape, but the nthey realize that they left some animals behind. Escape from the Amazon
2 October 6, 2007 Cowman and Ratboy Otis and Pip think too much trouble is at the barnyard so they become superheroes. Otis is Cowman and Pip is Ratboy.

Cultural Reference: Otis' superhero team, the "Justice Brood", is a parody of the Justice League.

Batman and Robin
Cow's Best Friend Otis saves Duke's life from a huge amplifier falling on him and Duke will do anything for Otis now. Duke keeps following Otis, thanking him by singing and rapping his appreciation and doing crazy stuff. Otis is annoyed so much he tries to get Duke to save him in order for Duke to stop annoying him, but things don't work. Man's Best Friend
3 October 13, 2007 Chez Pig When Pig's truffle pies become a big hit with humans, Otis convinces the gang to transform the barnyard into a restaurant so people can get another helping of Pig's delicious pies. But when the fortune makes the animals greedy for money, Pig quits. Running Gag: Freddy keeps spitting milk all over Pip twice during the episode. Chez Paul
The Right Cow A test chimp named Bingo lands in the Barnyard one day and it thinks that all the animals have a great life because they don't get poked all day, but when he realizes that Otis is the leader of the barnyard, he sends Otis and Pip into space in orde to take over the barnyard.

Running Gag: Freddy and Peck keep thinking Bingo is a real alien and try to destroy him (Example, playing really fast polka music for 24 hours straight, throwing earth water at him, and sending viral "illnesses".)

The Right Stuff
4 October 20, 2007 Saving Mrs. Beady Otis' pranks and Abby's driving lesson has Mrs. Beady sent to a hospital when the police believers that she is mentally ill. Feeling guilty, Otis decides to get the animals to rescue her, much to their dismay. Saving Private Ryan
The Farmer Takes a Woman To keep their Saturday night dances on, Otis finds the Farmer the perfect girlfriend. But, their match takes the barn and the Farmer's girlfriend, Ivonia, tries to kick the animals out of the barnyard. Can Otis kick her out before they are? The Farmer Takes a Wife
5 November 24, 2007 Hypno a Go-Go Otis buys a hypnotism kit from the Gopher to make everyone do his bidding. Then, things go too far when he accidentally hypnotizes himself to attack the farmer whenever he hears a bell ringing. The gang now must snap Otis out of his trance before anything bad happens to the farmer.

Running gag: There is a viewer mail hosted by Pig twice in the episode during the most climatic scenes.

Note: The original title of the episode was "Manchurian Cow", a reference to the film "Manchurian Candidate".

Party a Go-Go
Fowl Play Otis and the gang finds Freddy in Mrs. Beady's garden near a patch of Peck's feathers and tries to figure out if Freddy ate Peck. And when Bessy, Abby, and Duke all turn on him, Otis, Pip, and Pig must find out what happened to Peck before Freddy is banished from the Barnyard to a petshop, despite Pip and Pig were also shown to turn on Freddy.

This episode is a parody of Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Foul Play
6 January 19, 2008 The Barnyard Games Otis and Abby compete in the Barnyard Games while Peck tries to avoid his bad luck. But Otis is surprised to see that Abby is actually a very competitive opponent when it comes to competitions, so he is got trying to find her weaknesses in order to win the title. The Olympic Games
War of the Pranks To get revenge at Bessy's insults, Otis tries to humiliate and embarrass Bessy, but every time the prank backfires. So Bessy gives Otis a real (and humiliating) prank.

Also, at the end of the episode, actual aliens are trying to harvest Freddy's left paw after all of the ferret's proclamations.

Cultural Reference: When Otis and the gang are watching a TV show called Prank'd that is a parody of Punk'd.

War of the Worlds
7 February 2, 2008 Lights, Camera, Moo! After Otis accidentally destroys the barn's safety film, he must make a new one, which he puts a lot of action and suspense in it. But the other actors quit because Otis makes them do dangerous, life-threatening stunts.

Note: The original episode title was "Citizen Otis", a reference to the film Citizen Kane.

Cultural Reference: The tornado scene is a parody of The Wizard of Oz, most noticeable from the highest speed "Surrender Dorothy".

Lights, Camera, Action!
Animal Farmers Otis' favorite country music star is coming to town and Otis is super excited. But when trying to speed up crop collecting for the farmer to leave, he accidentally injures the farmer. Now the animals must do all of the farming because if they don't farm the crops in a week, the far will go bankrupt. Animal Farm
8 February 16, 2008 Raging Cow A hedgehog named Don Bling convinces Otis to fight in a wrestling match but it turns out that all the matches are fixed, and Otis' opponents all lost on purpose. Now Abby, Pig and Pip must try to stop the hedgehog before Otis fights someone who is really trying.

Cultural Reference: At the end of the final match. Otis screams "Abby!" in a slurred speech (a parody of Rocky when Rocky screams "Adriane!").

Raging Bull
The Great Sheep Escape When Duke tries crazy methods for the sheep to be safe during bear season, they escape and now Otis and Duke must go on a cross country trip to get them before they escape to New Zealand. The Great Escape
9 March 15, 2008 The Big Barnyard Broadcast After Mrs. Beady videotapes Otis and the gang walking and talking, she calls a news station to prove she is not crazy with proof from the tape. But the animals don't like it one bit. Now, they try to interrupt the broadcast to not let any person see their everyday anthropomorphic behavior (and fulfill their dreams of becoming famous television stars). The Big Broadcast
Dead Cow Walking After the veterinarian stops by, she mentions that her van, the "Big Steer" won't last a week. However, Otis mistakenly thinks the veterinarian was referring to him and begins to think that he only has a week to live. To relieve himself, Otis tries to do everything he has ever dreamed of. Dead Man Walking
10 March 29, 2008 Cow's Night Out Upon realizing how boring his friends' bingo club is, Otis ditches them and goes out for a night on the town, pulling pranks with the Jersey Cows. But Otis ends up getting arrested. Girls' Night Out
Otis Season In order to feel a little more appreciated in Moose Appreciation Week, Otis disguises himself as a moose. But it goes awry, when Snotty Boy and his friends try to hunt him down, and his antlers are stuck to his head. Open Season
11 April 12, 2008 Big Top Barnyard Otis' favorite circus is coming to town, but he accidentally injures the circus crew. Otis offers to take over and along with his friends, but Abby is too afraid to do her part.

Cultural Reference: The circus is called "Flying Juanita's Circus", a reference to Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Pigmalion After the gang notices a distinctive birthmark on Pig's backside, Pig starts to believe that he is related to the royal Pampered Pigs, so they train Pig to become a gentleman so he can live in a castle. But after training Pig, he becomes snobbish to his fellow companions to impress the other Pigs. Pygmalion
12 April 26, 2008 A Barn Day's Night The animals become pop stars when Pip broadcasts one of their sessions, but soon, their out-of-control egos begin to negatively affect their strong friendship.

Cultural References: There are many other Beatles references and parodies.

A Hard Day's Night
Meet the Ferrets When the animals inite Freddy's carnivorous parents do the banyard during Freddy's birthday party, Freddy tries to make sure they don't eat anybody, including Peck, while keeping it a secret to his friends. Meet the Fockers/Meet the Parents
13 May 10, 2008 A Tale of Two Snottys When Snotty Boy goes to the barnyard and torments the animals, Otis falls on him, causing him to have amnesia and forgets that he's mean, so Pig must go in disguise as Snotty so Mrs. Beady wouldn't notice that he's been missing. Meanwhile, the animals find a way to get the old Snotty back. A Tale of Two Cities/A Tale of Two Sisters
Snotty's New Pet Pip is captured by Snotty Boy, who plans on feeding him to his pet snake.

Cultural Reference: Otis' new phone, the MePhone, is a parody of the iPhone.

14 May 24, 2008 Home Sweet Hole Pip's mousehole is destroyed by Otis accidentally, so he moves in with the others, he has trouble cooperating since he's different from all the others, being a mouse. After hearing the others that it's impossible to share a home with Pip, he runs away. Otis and his friends must search for him and return to the barnyard. Home Sweet Home
Otis' Mom When Bessy notices that Otis has a bell which is exactly the same bell as Bessy's long lost son, she thinks Otis is her child, and starts treating him like a child and being excessively bossy to Otis.

Note: This episode is dedicated to the late Lee Paulsen.

15 June 7, 2008 Club Otis When Abby discovers Otis's club, she wants to join, but the other animals don't want her to, so Otis tries to purposefully makes her think the club is boring so she wouldn't join. But then Abby figures out Otis is doing that on purpose, so she starts a club of her own, and now, everyone leaves Otis's club to go to Abby's club. Club Kids
The Chronicles of Barnia The gang gets caught by Snotty Boy in a game of "Dungeons and Barn Animals", leading him to believe he is in the mythical land of Barnia, and now the animals must force him out before he takes over the barn. The Chronicles of Narnia
16 July 21-22, 2008 Barnyard Idol Otis and the gang enter Pig in a singing competition to win the farmer a golden tractor. But when Mrs. Beady loses, she is out to prove that Pig is a talking barnyard animal. Meanwhile, Pig loses his voice during the most crucial part of the competition. American Idol
Dead Pets Eat My Barnyard! After Otis builds a fun shack over a grave, the ghost of a dead bunny escapes from the grave and possesses Pig. He getd other ghosts out of their graves and they must get the spirits back to their graves before they possess all the barnyard animals.

Cultural Reference: When Otis tries to get the spirit out of pig he shouts "The power of pie compels you!" A parody of The Exorcist.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors
17 July 23-24, 2008 Brave Udders Otis becomes afraid when he receives a letter from his childhood bully, Krowser Krebbs. When the animals see that Krowser Krebbs is a duck, they try to fight him, but all get defeated.

Running gag: There are two segments of "Ask Dr. Pig" in this episode hosted by Pig, and in both segments the segment ends with Otis's childhood bully attacks Pig.

Brave Gravity
Otis' Eleven Otis loses the saloon to Chubs Malone, head of the gopher underground, in a game of Fizzbin. But after realizing Chubbs cheated, Otis challenges him to a fair game.

Cultural Reference: Fizzbin was a game created on the spot by Capt Kirk in the Star Trek episode "A Piece of the Action".

Ocean's Eleven
18 September 22 & July 25, 2008 Otis vs. Bigfoot Bigfoot is sighted in the woods, and Abby finds him and brings him to the barnyard for his protection. Otis decides to go hunting for him because he thinks Bigfoot is dangerous. But, Mrs. Beady is out to capture Bigfoot and prove she is not crazy. Man vs. Beast
Pecky Suave Peck takes a potion to get enough courage to speak to the ladies, but ends up challenging a rooster much tougher than him to a duel. Super Suave
19 September 23 2008
Top Cow Otis becomes the county's new crop dusting ace by doing dangerous stunts using a crop-dusting plane. But the other animals quit being his crew when they think Otis is being too dangerous. Top Gun
19 September 24, 2008 School of Otis Otis must take over teaching after accidentally injuring Peck, the children's teacher. When he realizes that the kids learn boring things, he teaches the kids how to pull pranks. Meanwhile, while Otis is the teacher, Duke becomes the leader, so the animals attempt to flee from Duke by hiding in the silo that the kids send up in the air. Now, Otis must use math to save them from extreme injury.

Cultural References: The game Otis hosts when he's teaching the kids is a parody of Jeopardy!, and when pig suggests the gang should pretend to be Japanese movie monsters defending the earth against an alien invasion then they do it is a parody of the Godzilla movies.

School of Rock
20 September 25-September 26, 2008 Otis for Mayor When Mrs. Beady tries to run for mayor, Otis decides to run for mayor against her to avoid Mrs. Beady from exposing them as talking animals and banishing the mfrom the town. But, their competition gets way too out of hand.
Dummy and Dummier When Freddy gets depressed over his lack of talent, Otis and the gang decide to make him take up ventriloquism. But the dummy that they make (Mr. Jinx) comes alive and tries to kill Freddy's friends, but they don't believe that the dummy is trying to kill them.

Cultural Reference: When Otis and the gang vote to decide if Freddy should stay or go, that is a parody of Survivor.

Dumb and Dumber

Season 2: 2008-2010


In March 2008, Nick renewed Back at the Barnyard for a second season of 20 episodes and two holiday themed specials. The new season premiered on October 24, 2008, part of "Some Like It Snotty Week", which became the first 30-minute episode called, "Some Like it Snotty".[1] A brand new Barnyard movie aired on November 29, 2008, which is the third day of the second "Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend". Four new episodes aired from January 20-23, 2009 part of "Battle of the Barnyard Week". Five more new episodes aired from February 23-27, 2009 part of "Animal Invasion" week, followed by five new episodes aired from May 18-22, 2009 part of an "Barnyard Bizarro Week". Another quintet new episodes aired June 29 - July 3, 2009 part of "Battle of the Barnyard 2 week".

Episode # Original Airdate Title Overview Title Parody
21 October 24, 2008 Some Like it Snotty Otis tells Abby that girls get all the advantages that boys don't get, and he then sets out to prove it by dressing as a girl to go bowling with his pals. But they run into Snotty Boy and his friends, who pressure them into going on a pizza date. After 2 dates, Snotty is his ordinary cruel self and wants to go steady with him. Otis can't stand any more of this horror and humiliation of being a guy dressed up like a girl, so he decides to lie to Snotty Boy that he's moving, but Snotty forgot to tell Otis he had a second girlfriend. The other girlfriend attacks Otis and pulls off the others head, revealing the head of a horse. Then the horse rips Otis' wig off, revealing his identity. Otis is embarrassed, Snotty just thinks they are ugly, and breaks up with them.

Running Gag: There is a section of "Viewer Mail" hosted by Pig in the middle of the episode.

Some Like it Hot
22-23 November 29, 2008 Cowman: The Uddered Avenger When Cowman is assigned the task of guarding the Jurassic Corn Kernel at the county fair, Professor Mertin Fargleman (Tom Kenny) wants to steal it to win the Gardening Award posing as Professor Twineyvines. When the town is impressed with Twineyvines and unimpressed with Cowman trying to save the Kernel from him, Twineyvines becomes the new protector. Immediately, Otis takes the kernel to protect it and is branded a thief and then chased by a mob. He then decides to stop Twineyvines when Abby finds Otis and Pip headed for Peru and says that Peck, Pig, and Freddy have been kidnapped by Mrs. Beady, who they do not know is in line with Twineyvines. Now, Otis must defeat Fargleman, clear his name, and save the Jurassic Corn Kernel (mutated into a giant monster) from destroying the fair (even though the fair was already destroyed).

Cultural Reference: Otis makes up the story that he was bitten by a demon cow and was induced with bovine superpowers, a parody of Spiderman.

Notes: The movie was released on January 20, 2009 on DVD.
This is the first episode where Otis and Abby reveal their feelings for each other. [2]

Batman: The Caped Crusader
24 January 20, 2009 Pig Amok Pig returns to his birthplace to be married, but after Otis realizes that Pig's bride is cruel and bratty, he tries to stop the wedding by beating Pig in a contest. Amok Time
January 21, 2009 The Sun Cow Otis' new Kobe cow neighbors begin to think that he's the reincarnation of the legendary "Sun Cow". The Sun Dog
25 January 22, 2009 Doggelganger While Duke is at the vet, a mischievous mutt named Baxter sneaks out and goes to the barnyard while disguised to look like Duke. Later when the two dogs are together the animals can't tell them apart.

Dramatic Irony: Although the animals can't tell the difference, you can obviously tell the difference.

January 23, 2009 Save the Clams Otis takes in a clam that Abby rescued from a nearby café. However, the clam is a rude and demanding house guest and, to make matters worse, it reproduces many partygoing clams. And they don't want to leave.

Reference: In one point of the episode, a closet is opened and thousands of clams and Abby are pushed out. This could be a reference to the famous scene of The Dick Van Dyke Show where Laura and thousands of walnuts flow out of the closet into their living room.

Wonder Pets
26 February 24, 2009 Adventures in Snotty Sitting After Otis breaks the farmer's classic video game system, the animals need to make some quick cash to replace it. Seeing an ad to babysit, they dress up as British nannies and show up at the address on the ad. Only when Mrs. Beady answers the door they realize they're babysitting Snotty Boy. The animals have to get the little terror fed, bathed and into bed before the Beadys get home. Adventures in Babysitting
February 23, 2009 Cowdyshack Otis uses Crazy Louie – the loopy groundskeeper at a high-end golf course and apparently his friend – to let him and the animals through the back gate and play a round. But when Pig's wayward shot accidentally hits Louie in the appendix, a guilt-ridden Otis decides to win the big golf tournament to get a new appendix. Otis and the others have to pull out all the stops to beat the arrogant judge who is the club's reigning champion.

Note: The plot of this story is very similar to the plot in Happy Gilmore.

27 February 25, 2009 Wild Mike's Dance Party When Abby has a book club Otis wants to have a party instead. So he brings out Wild Mike, Wild Mike accidentally dances off the farm and ends up being captured by the producers of "American Barnstand", a parody of American Bandstand.
February 26, 2009 Buyers Beware When the animals see the farmer putting up a "Welcome Buyers" sign, they assume he is selling the farm and vow to scare away all potential buyers. But it turns out that "Buyer" is the Farmer's last name, and he is having a family reunion. Buyer Beware!
28 February 27, 2009 Anchor Cow When news anchor Hilly Burford is crushed covering a giant cheese curd that Otis made, the animals fill in for him on the news and turn out to be a huge hit. Anchorman
May 18, 2009 Abby and Veronica Abby is excited that her cousin Veronica is coming to the barnyard for a visit, but it turns out Veronica has turned from a lovable tomboy into a manipulative bombshell, bent on using Abby's friends to get what she wants. Betty and Veronica
29 May 19, 2009 Bling My Barn When Otis accidentally blows up the barn, they audition for “Bling My Barn,” a home improvement show that fixes up barns for deserving families (A parody of Extreme Makeover Home Edition) – and win the blinging thanks to Pig dressing up as an adorable pink baby. Pimp My Ride
May 20, 2009 Udderado The animals turn the barnyard into a Wild West theme park to raise the Farmer's bail money (who got arrested because of Otis) and decide to hire an actor to play the bandit. But instead of an actor, a real bandit shows up to pillage the town.

Note: There is a possible cameo of Miles in this episode, as the mule Pip's snake friend is seen riding on looks very much like him.

30 May 21, 2009 Cupig Pig writes a love letter to his favorite pastry treat, Flaky Tarts (parody of Pop Tarts or Toaster Strudel), but Otis finds it and thinks Abby wrote it to him. Cupid
May 22, 2009 Happy Animal Fun Time In order to get out of going to a "Brianna Texicanna" concert with Abby so he and his friends can go bowling, Otis lies and says he needs to celebrate “Happy Animal Fun Time Day” a holiday for barnyard animals.

Note: The episode was originally going to be named "Bovinalia".

Cultural Reference: Brianna Texicanna is a parody of Hannah Montana.

31 June 29, 2009 Dream Birthday The animals feel bad for the Farmer after seeing that everyone forgot his birthday (Especially Zack, his own grandson), so they decide to throw him a party and tell him it's a dream, but the Farmer gets carried away.

Cultural Reference: It is revealed that the Farmer has a "MyFace" page, a parody of MySpace and Facebook.

June 30, 2009 Lord of the Beavers When Otis injures himself, Pip takes over temporarily as barn leader, and does a fantastic job. Insulted, Otis decides to leave the barnyard and be a leader where he's needed – with a den of beavers. The Lord of the Rings
32 July 1, 2009 Little Otis In order to get out of doing chores, Otis decides to order a clone of himself to do the grunt work for him. Little Otis turns out to be small, and is in love with Abby which hints that Otis is in love with Abby. Little Man/Little Lulu/Little Bear/Little Bill
July 2, 2009 Kids in the City When responsibility is thrust upon Otis to watch the three kids of the barnyard, Joey the calf, Macy the sheep, and Boyle the chick, Otis loses them upon taking them around the big city of Phoenix. Sheep in the Big City
33 July 3, 2009 Snotty & Snottier Snotty's even more obnoxious and evil cousin, Bernard, is in town, and the animals have to help Snotty if they want to survive Bernard's tyranny. Dumb and Dumber
34 October 5, 2009 Barnyards and Broomsticks While on a camping trip, Otis is scared by Pip's campfire story, and fears it may come true when they are lost and find an old woman's house with tons of sweets. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
The Barn Buddy The animals buy a discount security system, but soon learn cheap is not always a good value.

Guest starring Gilbert Gottfried as the security system.
Note: When the security system flosses Freddy's teeth, it is a reference to the former Fairly OddParents villain character, Doctor Bender.

35 October 6, 2009 Iron Otis Otis disguises himself as a TV chef to save Peck from being cooked after Freddy's recipe for a tofu rooster that is going to be cooked on the show.

Note: Jim Cummings guests stars as TV chef Big Bones Mingion who is based on the TV cajun cook Justin Wilson, whose catch phrase that was used in this episode was "I Gar-on-tee it."

Iron Chef
To Good to Be Glue The animals mistakenly create a super glue and sell it, only to learn that 2 hours after application, it explodes.

Cultural reference: After the glue bottle Peck holds explodes, his beak is on the other side of his head, similar to Daffy Duck.

To good to be true
36 October 7, 2009 King Cud Otis is knocked out and wakes believing that he is King Cudenhotep IV. King Tut
Everett's Treasure The animals find an old safe in the barn that belonged to Everett's former owner Nebraska Schwartz, and try to figure out what's inside.

Cultural Reference: Nebraska Schwartz is a parody of Indiana Jones.

37 October 8, 2009 Free Shmoozy The animals liberate a show whale from a water park, but Otis has a lot more to go when the animals are being eaten by this whale. Free Willy
Man's Best Friend When the animals convince the farmer to get Duke a playmate so he won't be lonely, everything turns out bad when the farmer brings Duke's arch-rival Baxter back to the farm. Man's Best Friend
38 October 9, 2009 Endangered Liaisons The animals claim the farm as a protected habitat to prevent an interstate from tearing it down and disguise Freddy as a spotted three-toed ferret, only for the species to be real, and Freddy has to deal with the female one and a wedding that might end his life. Dangerous Liasons
Fumblebums The animals must stand in for injured football players in a game after becoming the mascots for the team. Humblebums
39 October 25, 2009 Back at the BOOyard (Halloween Special) The animals compete to get the most candy for a contest while trick-or-treating. But when Otis steals candy from Hockeymask Bob's tree, he later gets revenge. The parody is of Friday the 13th because Hockeymask Bob looks exactly like Jason. Hockymask Bob is also protective of his tree as Jason is of Crystal Lake.
40 November 14, 2009 Mr. Wiggleplix Otis accidentally murders Pig's imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix. "Mr. Wiggly"
Chain Gang Otis and his friends are mistaken for jewel thieves.

Running Gag: Freddy says he has to make Number 3

41 December 5, 2009 It's a Udderful Life
a/k/a "A Barnyard Christmas Special"
When Santa is accidentally given a cup laced with Ferret Fever from Fred, Otis and his friends save Christmas by taking his place.

Running Gags: 1. A host does a root canal, a foot buffing and a boil on his neck, but gets thrown off the set after getting a rug wrapping, but Pig is caught doing what the host does in the first two, but finishes with an armpit carol version of Deck The Halls because they were out of rugs. 2. References to "Hooberman's Bakery" are present in this episode. Also, a reference to A Christmas Story is made in a subplot when Snotty Boy wants a Red Ryder BB taser.

It's a Wonderful Life
42 TBA Paging Dr. Philly Otis and Abby work out their emotions.

Note: This episode first aired on December 4, 2009 on Nickelodeon Latin America.

Dr. Phil
43 January 2, 2010 Get Bessy[3] The animals tail Bessy after she's rude to them, and they begin to suspect that she's an international art thief.
Guest appearance by "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Get Shorty
A Beautiful Freddy Freddy gets struck by lightning and becomes smart. The animals then enter him on a game show to earn a million dollars with his high intelligence. Note the show that freddy was on was like who wants to be a millionaire A Beautiful Mind
44 January 16, 2010 Arcade of Doom When Otis spots a brand new ZBox 360 in the prize booth, he charges the animals with collecting the 10,000 tickets to win it for the barnyard. Everything's going great until Snotty Boy and his pals show up and set their sights on the same ZBox!

Cultural Reference: The arcade the animals go to is called Donk E. Cheez, a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's. Also, ZBox 360 is a parody of Xbox 360.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Robo Peck The gang fixes up an injured Peck and makes him bionic, but soon he goes berserk. RoboCop
45 February 14, 2010 Valentine's Dance As the animals prepare for their Valentine's Day dance, Otis tries to gain enough courage to ask Abby to be his date. However, as Abby believes Otis does not like her, everything takes a turn for the worst when she agrees to go to the dance with Bill the bull instead.

Note: Bill the bull is featured in the Barnyard video game.

Clonedemonium A full of clones mini the size of, Little Otis and Little Abby come back to visit the barnyard, but it becomes a problem because they never sleep so the animals couldn't sleep when they're here. In order to make them stop visiting, they try to create mini-clones of Pig, Pip, Freddy, and Peck so Little Otis and Little Abby can have friends. A problem arises when the owner of the Clone-a-torium plans to use the clones to expose the humans so they would know that animals can talk (with the owner learning such after Tiny Pig talked to him upon his creation), and Otis and his friends must stop him from doing so. Communism
45 November 12, 2011 (Nicktoons) Aliens!!! In the series finale, Otis orders a satellite dish online in order to watch monkey boxing from Rio. Mrs. Beady sees this and believes that he is secretly signaling Aliens. Otis finds out and tries to prank Mrs. Beady with a fake alien invasion broadcast. This broadcast is sent to real aliens who are attracted to Earth and plan to conquer and destroy the planet. The animals must stop and stall them while they figure out their weakness. They soon learn that the aliens melt when they come in contact with milk and use that to scare the aliens away.


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