List of German football teams

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These are the German football teams and the leagues they played in for the 2013/14 season (1st to third league). The highest German league is the Bundesliga (First Division). Below it is the second Bundesliga (Second Division). The Third Division is called 3. Liga. The Fourth Division, called Regionalliga is split into a northern, a southern and a western part. The northern part is called Regionalliga Nord, the southern part Regionalliga Süd and the western part Regionalliga West.

1. Bundesliga (2013/14)Edit

2. Bundesliga (2013/14)Edit

3. Liga (2013/14)Edit

Regionalliga Süd (Fourth Division)Edit

Regionalliga West (Fourth Division)Edit

Regionalliga Nord (Fourth Division)Edit

Bayernliga (Fifth Division)Edit

Oberliga Baden-Württemberg (Fifth Division)Edit

Oberliga Südwest (Fifth Division)Edit

Oberliga Hessen (Fifth Division)Edit

Oberliga NOFV-Süd (Fifth Division)Edit

Oberliga NOFV-Nord (Fifth Division)Edit

NRW-Liga (Fifth Division)Edit