List of Italian place names in Dalmatia

This is a list of Italian language place names on the Dalmatian coast, including the islands up to Rijeka/Fiume.

Italian Dalmatia borders between 1918 and 1947. In the enlarged map it is possible to read many Italian place names of Dalmatia from Cherso/Chres to Cattaro/Kotor.

Larger townsEdit

Split and surroundingsEdit

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Island of BiševoEdit

Island of BračEdit

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Island of CresEdit

Island of Dugi OtokEdit

Island of Goli OtokEdit

Island of GrgurEdit

Island of HvarEdit

Hvar and surroundingsEdit

Island of KorčulaEdit

Island of KrkEdit

Island of LošinjEdit

Island of RabEdit

Island of VisEdit

Island of ŠipanEdit

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