List of bridges in Ottawa

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This is a list of bridges in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They are listed from west to east for the Ottawa River or North to South for the Rideau River and Canal.

The Prince of Wales railway bridge.

Spanning the Ottawa RiverEdit

The Alexandra Bridge seen from the Ottawa side

Bridges spanning the Ottawa River from west to east:

Spanning the Rideau RiverEdit

The Heron Road Bridge, scene of a major bridge disaster, crosses both the Rideau River and Rideau Canal

Bridges spanning the Rideau River from north to south:

  • Transitway
    • Connects the Lees Transitway Station and Hurdman Transitway Station.
George McIlraith bridge
  • O-Train bridge
    • Connects Carleton and Confederation stops
  • Hog's Back Road
    • Connects Rideau View and Riverside Park via Hog's Back Road. Owned by the National Capital Commission. Also crosses over the Rideau Canal.
Canadian Northern Ontario Railway Bridge 1913
  • Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge (under construction)
    • Planned completion date for 2012 and will connect Barrhaven and Riverside South via Strandherd Drive and Earl Armstrong Road.
  • Nicolls Island Road
    • Connects Nicolls Island to the mainland in Gloucester.

West Branch of the Rideau RiverEdit

  • Barnsdale Road
  • Bridge Street

Spanning the Rideau CanalEdit

Sappers Bridge and Dufferin Bridge
c1890-1895 by Topley, William James

Bridges spanning the Rideau Canal from north to south:

  • Mackenzie King Bridge
    • Connects Albert and Slater Streets in Centretown to Waller Street in Sandy Hill. The Transitway also uses this bridge.
  • Heron Road Bridge
    • see above

Other bridgesEdit

Bridges not spanning the above water courses:

Bridges carrying roads or pedestrian ways over or under Highways 417, Highway 416 and Ottawa Highway 174 ar not listed.

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