List of rulers of Wallachia

The following is a list of rulers of Wallachia, from when there were first rulers until near the present:

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Ruler Years Family Notes
Seneslau c. 1247 Voivode on the eastern side of the Olt River (around the Argeş).
Litovoi 1247-1277 Voivode on the western side of the Olt River.
Bărbat c. 1277-1290 brother of Litovoi
Thocomerius c. 1290-1310 some propose Tihomir as a more accurate rendition
Radu Negru c. 1300 legendary voivode of Wallachia; some historians consider it to be just a nickname of Thocomerius or Basarab I
Wallachian principality attested in the early 14th century.
Basarab I c. 1310-1352 Basarab son of Thocomerius; first non-legendary ruler of Wallachia; later also called Basarab Întemeietorul (Basarab the Founder);
Nicolae Alexandru 1352-1364 Basarab son of Basarab I
Vladislav I c. 1364-1377 Basarab son of Nicolae Alexandru; also known as Vlaicu-Vodă
Radu I c. 1377-1383 Basarab son of Nicolae Alexandru
Dan I c. 1383-1386 Dăneşti son of Radu I
Mircea cel Bătrân
(Mircea the Elder)
1386 - 1418 Basarab son of Radu I
Vlad I Uzurpatorul
(Vlad I the Usurper)
Mihail I 1418-1420 Basarab son of Mircea cel Bătrân
Dan II 1420 - 1421 Dăneşti son of Dan I, member of the Order of the Dragon; 1st rule
Radu II Chelul
(Radu the Bald)
1421 Basarab son of Mircea cel Bătrân; 1st rule
Dan II 1421 - 1423 Dăneşti 2nd rule
Radu II Chelul 1423 Basarab 2nd rule
Dan II 1423-1424 Dăneşti 3rd rule
Radu II Chelul 1424-1426 Basarab 3rd rule
Dan II 1426-1427 Dăneşti 4th rule
Radu II Chelul 1427 Basarab 4th rule
Dan II 1427-1431 Dăneşti 5th rule
Alexandru I Aldea 1431-1436
Vlad II Dracul 1436 - 1442 Drăculeşti illegitimate son of Mircea cel Bătrân; member of the Order of the Dragon (thus Dracul); 1st rule
Mircea II 1442 Drăculeşti son of Vlad II Dracul
Basarab II 1442 - 1443 Dăneşti son of Dan II
Vlad II Dracul 1443-1447 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Vladislav II 1447-1448 Dăneşti son of Dan II; supported by John Hunyadi, Regent of Hungary; 1st rule
Vlad III Ţepeş
(Vlad the Impaler)
1448 Drăculeşti son of Vlad II Dracul, thus called Vlad Dracula (son of Dracul); 1st rule
Vladislav II 1448-1456 Dăneşti son of Dan II; supported by John Hunyadi, Regent of Hungary; 2nd rule
Vlad III Ţepeş 1456-1462 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Radu cel Frumos
(Radu the Fair)
1462-1473 Drăculeşti son of Vlad II Dracul; 1st rule
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân
(Basarab Laiotă the Elder)
1473 Dăneşti son of Dan II; 1st rule
Radu cel Frumos 1473-1474 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân 1474 Dăneşti 2nd rule
Radu cel Frumos 1474 Drăculeşti 3rd rule
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân 1474 Dăneşti 3rd rule
Radu cel Frumos 1474-1475 Drăculeşti 4th rule
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân 1475-1476 Dăneşti 4th rule
Vlad III Ţepeş 1476 Drăculeşti 3rd rule
Basarab Laiotă cel Bătrân 1476-1477 Dăneşti 5th rule
Basarab Ţepeluş cel Tânăr
(Basarab Ţepeluş the Younger)
1477-1481 Dăneşti son of Bassarab II; 1st rule
Mircea 1481
Vlad Călugărul
(Vlad the Monk)
1481 Drăculeşti son of Vlad II Dracul; 1st rule
Basarab Ţepeluş cel Tânăr 1481-1482 Dăneşti 2nd rule
Vlad Călugărul 1482-1485 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Radu cel Mare
(Radu the Great)
1495-1508 Drăculeşti son of Vlad Călugărul
Mihnea cel Rău
(Mihnea the Wrongdoer)
1508-1509 Drăculeşti son of Vlad III Ţepeş
Mircea III 1509-1510 Drăculeşti son of Mihnea cel Rău
Vlad cel Tânăr
(Vlad the Younger)
1510-1512 Drăculeşti nephew of son Radu cel Mare; also known as Vlăduţ
Neagoe Basarab 1512-1521 Craioveşti
Teodosie 1521 1st rule
Vlad Călugărul 1521 Drăculeşti 3rd rule
Teodosie 1521-1522 2nd rule
Radu de la Afumaţi 1522-1523 Drăculeşti illegitimate son of Radu cel Mare; allied with Craioveşti 1st rule
Vladislav III 1523 Dăneşti son of Vladislav II; 1st rule
Radu Bădica 1523-1524
Radu de la Afumaţi 1524 Craioveşti 2nd rule
Vladislav III 1524 Dăneşti 2nd rule
Radu de la Afumaţi 1524-1525 Craioveşti 3nd rule
Vladislav III 1525 Dăneşti 3rd rule
Radu de la Afumaţi 1525-1529 Craioveşti 4th rule
Basarab V 1529
Moise 1529-1530
Vlad Înecatul
(Vlad the Drowned)
1530-1532 Drăculeşti son of Vlad cel Tânăr
Vlad Vintilă de la Slatina 1532-1535 Drăculeşti son of Radu cel Mare
Radu Paisie 1535-1545 Drăculeşti son of Vlad Vintilă de la Slatina
Mircea Ciobanul
(Mircea the Shepherd)
1545-1552 Drăculeşti son of Radu cel Mare; 1st rule
Radu Ilie Haidăul
(Radu Ilie the Cowherd)
1552-1553 Drăculeşti son of Radu de la Afumaţi
Mircea Ciobanul 1553-1554 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Petru Pătraşcu cel Bun
(Pătraşcu the Kind)
1554-1558 Drăculeşti son of Radu Paisie; 3rd rule
Mircea Ciobanul 1558-1559 Drăculeşti 3rd rule
Petru cel Tânăr
(Peter the Younger)
1559-1568 Drăculeşti son of Mircea Ciobanul
Alexandru II Mircea 1568-1574 Drăculeşti son of Mircea II; popularly called Oaie Seacă (Barren Sheep); 1st rule
Vintilă 1574 Drăculeşti son of Petru Pătraşcu cel Bun
Alexandru II Mircea 1574-1577 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Minhea II Turcitul
(Mihnea the Turned-Turk)
1577-1583 Drăculeşti son of Alexandru II Mircea; 1st rule
Petru Cercel
(Peter Earring)
1583-1585 Drăculeşti son of Petru Pătraşcu cel Bun
Mihnea II Turcitul 1585-1591 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Ştefan Surdul
(Stephen the Deaf)
Alexandru cel Rău
(Alexander the Wrongdoer)
1592-1593 also ruled Moldavia (1592)
Mihai Viteazul
(Michael the Brave)
1593-1600 Drăculeşti illegitimate son of Petru Pătraşcu cel Bun; also ruled Transylvania (1599-1600) and Moldavia (1600), briefly uniting the three principalities.
Simion Movilă 1600-1601 Movileşti 1st rule
Radu Mihnea 1601-1602 Drăculeşti son of Minhea II Turcitul; 1st rule
Simion Movilă 1602 Movileşti 2nd rule
Radu Şerban 1602-1610 1st rule
Gabriel Báthory 1611 Báthory also Prince of Transylvania
Radu Mihnea 1611 Drăculeşti 2nd rule
Radu Şerban 1611 2nd rule
Radu Mihnea 1611-1616 Drăculeşti 3rd rule
Gabriel Movilă 1616 Movileşti son of Simion Movilă; 1st rule
Alexandru Iliaş 1616-1618 1st rule
Gabriel Movilă 1618-1620 Movileşti 2nd rule
Radu Mihnea 1620-1623 Drăculeşti 4th rule
Alexandru Coconul
(Alexander the Child-Prince)
1623-1627 Drăculeşti son of Radu Mihnea
Alexandru Iliaş 1627-1629 2nd rule
Leon Tomşa 1629-1632
Radu Iliaş 1632
Matei Basarab 1632-1654 Brâncoveneşti
Constantin Şerban 1654-1658 illegitimate son of Radu Şerban
Mihnea III 1658-1659
Gheorghe Ghica 1659-1660 Ghica
Grigore I Ghica 1660-1664 Ghica 1st rule
Radu Leon 1664-1669
Antonie Vodă din Popeşti 1669-1672
Grigore I Ghica 1672-1673 Ghica 2nd rule
Gheorghe Duca 1673-1678
Şerban Cantacuzino 1678-1688 Cantacuzene
Constantin Brâncoveanu 1688-1714 Brâncoveneşti
Ştefan Cantacuzino 1714-1715 Cantacuzene
Phanariote rule (1715-1821)
Nicolae Mavrocordat 1715-1716 Mavrocordato 1st rule
Habsburg occupation 1716
Ioan Mavrocordat 1716-1719 Mavrocordato
Nicolae Mavrocordat 1719-1730 Mavrocordato 2nd rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1730 Mavrocordato 1st rule
Mihai Racoviţă 1730-1731 Racoviţă 1st rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1731-1733 Mavrocordato 2nd rule
Grigore II Ghica 1733-1735 Ghica 1st rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1735-1741 Mavrocordato 3rd rule
Mihai Racoviţă 1741-1744 Racoviţă 2nd rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1744-1748 Mavrocordato 4th rule
Grigore II Ghica 1748-1752 Ghica 2nd rule
Matei Ghica 1752-1753 Ghica
Constantin Racoviţă 1753-1756 1st rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1756-1758 5th rule
Scarlat Ghica 1758-1761 Ghica 1st rule
Constantin Mavrocordat 1761-1763 6th rule
Constantin Racoviţă 1763-1764 Racoviţă 2nd rule
Ştefan Racoviţă 1764-1765 Racoviţă
Scarlat Ghica 1765-1766 Ghica 2nd rule
Alexandru Ghica 1766-1768 Ghica
Russian occupation 1768
Grigore III Ghica 1768-1769 Ghica
Russian occupation 1769-1770
Emanuel Giani Ruset 1770-1771 Rosetti also called Manole or Manolache
Alexandru Ipsilanti 1774-1782 Ypsilanti 1st rule
Nicolae Caradja 1782-1783 Caradja
Mihai Suţu 1783-1786 Soutzos 1st rule
Nicolae Mavrogheni 1786-1789
Habsburg occupation 1789-1790 military commander: Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg
Mihai Suţu 1791-1793 Soutzos 2nd rule
Alexandru Moruzi 1793-1796 Mourousi 1st rule
Alexandru Ipsilanti 1796-1797 Ypsilanti 2nd rule
Constantin Hangerli 1797-1799
Alexandru Moruzi 1799-1801 Mourousi 2nd rule
Mihai Suţu 1801-1802 Soutzos 3rd rule
Alexandru Suţu 1802 Soutzos
Constantin Ipsilanti 1802-1806 Ypsilanti
Russian occupation 1806-1812
Ioan Gheorghe Caradja 1812-1818 Caradja
Grigore Brâncovenu
1818 assisted by Vornic Barbu Văcărescu, Vistier Grigore Ghica and Logofăt Samurcaş
Alexandru Suţu 1818-1821 Soutzos
Grigore Brâncoveanu
Tudor Vladimirescu 1821 leader of the anti-Phanariote uprising
Scarlat Callimachi 1821 Callimachi
Grigore IV Ghica 1822-1828 Ghica
Russian occupation 1828-1834 military commanders: Fyodor Pahlen, Pyotr Zheltukhin, and Pavel Kiseleff
Organic Statute government (1832-1856)
Alexandru II Ghica 1834-1842 Ghica
Gheorghe Bibescu 1842-1848 Bibescu
Provisional Government 1848 Metropolitan Neofit II, assisted by Christian Tell, Ion Heliade Rădulescu, Ştefan Golescu, Gheorghe Magheru, Gheorghe Scurti
Locotenenţa domnească
(Regency of three)
1848 Christian Tell, Ion Heliade Rădulescu, Nicolae Golescu
Joint Ottoman and Russian occupation 1848-1851 military commanders: Omar Pasha and Alexander von Lüders
Constantin Cantacuzino
Barbu Ştirbei 1848-1853 Ştirbei 1st rule
Russian occupation 1853-1854
Ottoman occupation 1854
Austrian occupation 1854-1856 military commander: Johann Coronini-Cronberg
Barbu Ştirbei 1854-1856 Ştirbei 2nd rule
Protectorate established by the Treaty of Paris (1856-1859)
Alexandru II Ghica
Caimacam of three 1858-1859 Ioan Manu, Emanoil Băleanu, Ioan A. Filipide
Alexander John Cuza 1859-1862 also ruled Moldavia in personal union
Formal union of Wallachia and Moldavia since 1862.

For later rulers, see Domnitor and Kings of Romania.