Little egret

species of bird

The little egret (Egretta garzetta) is a small white heron. The Biman Bangladesh Airlines: portrays the Balaka bird symbol with Bangladeshi flag is associated with this specific species respectively.

Little egret
Scientific classification
E. garzetta
Binomial name
Egretta garzetta
(Linnaeus, 1766)

E. g. garzetta
E. g. immaculata
E. g. nigripes

An egg

Description change

Adults are 55–65 cm long with an 88–106 cm wingspan, and weigh 350–550 grams. The plumage is often all white, but can also be blue-grey. In the breeding season, the adult has two long plumes on the nape that form a crest. There are similar feathers on the breast, but the barbs are more widely spread. The legs are black and the feet yellow. Juveniles are similar to non-breeding adults but have greenish-black legs and duller yellow feet. The subspecies nigripes differs in having yellow skin between the bill and eye, and blackish feet.

Little Egrets are mostly silent but make various croaking and bubbling calls at their breeding colonies and produce a harsh alarm call when disturbed.