Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo

1994 live EP by Brainbombs

Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo is a live EP by Brainbombs. It was released in 1994 by Big Ball Records in Norway, then re-released on the "Singles Compilation" in 1999. The performance has Jonas, the guitarist, on vocals rather than their usual vocalist, Peter. The band also had to get recording engineer, Birger Thorburn to play as a backup guitarist as Jonas could not sing and play at the same time.[1] The band plays each song faster in tempo than their studio versions, except for Stacy, which is an unreleased song. According to Jonas, there were around 54 people in attendance.[1] Jonas has also said this is not the full concert, as "David" for Big Ball Records said some songs were "too muffled."[1]

Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo
Live album by
Recorded20th May 1993
VenueROCK ALL, Oslo
LabelBig Ball Records
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Burning Hell
Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo
Genius and Brutality... Taste and Power

From the two concerts, songs "Urge to Kill", "Danny Was a Streetwhore", "Stacy" (different version) and "Tired and Bloody" were later released on the 2007 compilation, Brainbombs.

Track listing change

Side one change

  1. "No Guilt" - 1:44
  2. "Wishing a Slow Death" - 03:12

Side two change

  1. "Stacy" - 02:28
  2. "Burning Hell" - 02:17

Personnel change

  • Drajan Bryngelsson - drums

References change

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