Lordship of Ireland

1171–1542 English-ruled territory in Ireland

The Lordship of Ireland was mainly made as a colony of the Kingdom of England mainly put on maps as England with them lording a lot of land to the English like how they lost Dublin (their capital) to England which was bad for the Irish throne that later changed in the long run when England (under Henry) made it that Ireland would become its own kingdom but like the lord ship the monarch would remain the one in charge of England (and later Scotland).

Lordship of Ireland
Dominium Hiberniae  (Latin)
Seygnurie de Hirlaunde  (Norman)
Tiarnas na hÉireann  (Irish)
Location of Ireland
Common languagesMiddle English, Early Modern Irish, Anglo-Norman, Latin
Roman Catholic
GovernmentFeudal monarchy
• 1177–1216
John (first)
• 1509–1542
Henry VIII (last)
Lord Lieutenant 
• 1316–1318
Roger Mortimer (first)
• 1529–1534
Henry FitzRoy (last)
ISO 3166 codeIE
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Gaelic Ireland
Kingdom of Ireland
Today part ofIreland, United Kingdom