Lough Neagh

large lake in Northern Ireland

Lough Neagh is a lake in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. It is the biggest lake in Ireland and it is also the biggest lake in the United Kingdom.[1] It is the only lake on the islands that a person cannot see the other side.

Lough Neagh
NASA image
LocationNorthern Ireland
Coordinates54°37′06″N 6°23′43″W / 54.61833°N 6.39528°W / 54.61833; -6.39528
Catchment area4550 km²
Basin countriesUnited Kingdom (91%)
Republic of Ireland (9%)
Max. length30 km
Max. width21 km
Surface area388 km²
Average depth9 m
Max. depth25 m
IslandsConey Island, Coney Island Flat, Croaghan Flat, Derrywarragh Island, Padian, Ram's Island, Phil Roe's Flat and The Shallow Flat
SettlementsAntrim, Ballyronan, Maghery



In Irish mythology a giant called Fionn mac Cumhaill (finn mick cool) was fighting with a Scottish giant and he picked up a big stone to throw at the Scottish giant but he missed. The stone landed half way between Ulster and Wales and it became an island known as the Isle of Man. The hole in the ground where stone stone had been, filled up with water and became Lough Neagh.


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