Lynden Pindling

Bahamian politician

Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling KCMG PC JP (21 March 1930 – 26 August 2000), is thought to be the founder of the nation in the Bahamas. He served various jobs that helped the nation eventually gain its independence.[1]

Early lifeEdit

Pindling was born in Nassau, Bahamas, in the British West Indies on March 21, 1929. He eventually graduated from King's College London where he earned a degree in law. He later married Marguerite McKenzie.

Middle lifeEdit

In 1954, Pindling helped found the Progressive Liberal Party in the Bahamas. This party was formed mainly to overthrow the white-run colonial United Bahamian Party. In 1967 he was elected Premier of the Bahamas Islands and worked to give the Bahamas independence. He became Prime Minister of an independent Bahamas in 1973 were he worked to stop heavy British influence in the country.

Later lifeEdit

Pindling would continue his job as Prime Minister until 1992. Throughout his later time in term he would be accused of corruption and protecting drug dealers. In the 1980's the economy dropped heavily and many people lost faith in their prime minister. They decided to elect Hubert Ingraham to replace Pindling. Pindling eventually died August 26, 2000 due to cancer. He was 71 years old when he died.