Mónica Echeverría

Chilean writer and feminist
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Monica Echeverria Yañez (September 2, 1920 – January 3, 2020) was a Chilean journalist, writer, actress and professor. She was a feminist.[1] She called herself a "rebel" and "anarchist" in the face of the neoliberal economics of the Chilean government.[2] She was born in Santiago de Chile. In 2016, Mónica Echeverría published ¡Háganme Callar!.

As a writer she published her first book, Antihistoria de un luchador, in 1993, it took eight years for her to finish this 500-page biography of the unionist Clotario Blest.

Echeverría died on January 3, 2020 in Santiago at the age of 99.[3]


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