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Māori language

Polynesian language spoken by New Zealand Māori

The Māori language (Māori: Te Reo Māori, shortened to Te Reo) is the language of the Māori and an official language of New Zealand. It is an Austronesian language.

Native toNew Zealand
EthnicityMāori people
Native speakers
(60,000 cited 1991)
157,000 New Zealand residents claim they can converse in Māori about everyday things (2006 census)[1]
Latin (Māori alphabet)
Māori Braille
Official status
Official language in
New Zealand
Regulated byMāori Language Commission
Language codes
ISO 639-1mi
ISO 639-2mao (B)
mri (T)
ISO 639-3mri
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Although it's an official language, not many people speak it fluently. But the language can be seen everywhere throughout New Zealand as many of the places have Maori names, such as Whangarei or Timaru.