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Magnus [ mahg-noos ahn-noos ][1] is a name that means "great" in Latin. It was sometimes used as a given name by the Romans. Magnus is a timeless name that remains in vogue even today. Its robust and potent connotation makes it an excellent pick for parents who desire to bestow upon their offspring a name that exudes power and assurance. Of Latin derivation, the name Magnus translates to "great" or "mighty." It was a common appellation among Roman rulers and was also adopted by ancient Christian saints. Throughout the ages, the name has been favored by monarchs, fighters, and other formidable personalities, which has contributed to its commanding and influential aura.[2] The name spread with the Catholic Church, which spoke Latin. It became very common among the nobility in Scandinavia. This name was ranked #728 on the US Popular Names in 2021.[3]

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