Mannanana Range

mountain range in the Northern Territory, Australia

The Mannanana Range (Pitjantjatjara: Tjuntinya) is a mountain range in the southwest of the Northern Territory, Australia. It is a section of the Petermann Ranges. It roughly consists of a single ridge about 30 kilometres (19 mi) long. It extends northwest towards Kaltukatjara from Tjunti, where it is split from the Curdie Range by the Hull River. The Hull winds around the range from the south and then runs along its northeastern side.

The name "Mannanana" was first recorded on maps by Herbert Basedow. It comes from Maṉanya, which is actually the Pitjantjatjara name for the range immediately to the west. This western range takes its name from Kungka Maṉa (meaning "woman's buttocks"), which is a formation overlooking Kaltukatjara and the Docker River on the range's western end. The name for the Mannanana Range in Pitjantjatjara is Tjuntinya, after the Tjunti soakage at its eastern end.[1]


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