Maria Teresa Horta

Portuguese writer, journalist and poet; one of the authors of the book Novas Cartas Portuguesas for which she was prosecuted and judged in 1972 alongside Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa

Maria Teresa Mascarenhas Horta (born 20 May 1937) is a Portuguese feminist poet, journalist and activist.[1] She was born in Lisbon.

Her writing has been published in such journals as Diário de Lisboa, A Capital, República, O Século, Diário de Notícias and Jornal de Letras e Artes, and she was editor in chief of Mulheres magazine.

She took part in the Portuguese Feminist Movement with Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa (the Three Marias) and was a member of the Poesia 61 group.[2]

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