Marie of Boulogne

English princess

Marie of Boulogne was the Countess of Boulogne from 1159 until 1170.

Marie of Boulogne
Countess of Boulogne
PredecessorWilliam I, Count of Boulogne
SuccessorMatthew of Alsace
Died25 July 1182
St. Austrebert, France

Marie was the daughter of Stephen of England and Matilda of Boulogne. She was placed in a convent when she was young so that she could become a nun. When her brother, William of Blois, died, she became the heir of the Count of Boulogne. She had to leave the convent and was married to Matthew of Alsace. Marie and Matthew ruled Boulogne together, but their marriage was not happy and they got a divorce in 1170.

After Marie died, Matthew continued to be the Count of Boulogne until 1173. After this Marie and Matthew's daughter, Ida of Boulogne, became Countess of Boulogne. Marie and Matthew's other daughter, Maud of Boulogne, became the wife of Henry I of Brabant.