study and process of promoting, distributing, and selling products or services to customers

Marketing is activity that connects producers with customers. It may be B2B (business to business) marketing or B2C (business to consumer). It may include market research and advertising.

The term marketing, what is commonly known as attracting customers, incorporates knowledge gained by studying the management of exchange relationships and is the business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers' needs and wants.


  • Exchange value and building strong relationship with customer.
  • Marketing-" To create, grow, develop, maintain, defend, and own markets".
  • An approach to business that seeks to identify, anticipate, and satisfy customers needs.[1]
  • Al Ries and Jack Trout defined marketing as simply "war" between competitors.
  • At a macro level, marketing is the process of raising the standard of living, by identifying the existing problems and unsatisfied needs of people and then satisfying that need with a product/service that delivers value to the customer.


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