Martin Eric Ain

American-Swiss bassist

Martin Eric Ain (Martin Stricker; July 18, 1967 – October 21, 2017) was an American-born Swiss bass guitarist and songwriter. He was born in the United States.[1] He was best known for being the former bassist of the influential extreme metal band Celtic Frost. He used the stage name Martin Eric Ain throughout his career in Celtic Frost.

Ain in 2009

Ain died on October 21, 2017 following a heart attack in Zürich, Switzerland, aged 50.[2]


  1. Martin Stricker was born in the United States. English was his first language: "I knew my strengths, I had been born in America and that English was my first language" -from Only Death Is Real, page 138
  2. Celtic Frost bassist Martin Eric Ain dies at 50

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