resin obtained from the mastic tree
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Mastic (Greek: Μαστίχα Mastika) is a resin that comes from the mastic tree, Pistacia lentiscus.[1] The tree grows in the Mediterranean region. In pharmacies and nature shops, it is called "Arabic gum" (not to be confused with gum arabic).

A drop of mastic tree
Mastic resin

The resin is harvested in various places, especially the Greek island of Chios. It is a liquid when the tree first produces it. Then it dries in the sun into drops of hard resin. When chewed, the resin softens and becomes a white, opaque gum. The flavour is bitter at first. After some chewing, it has a refreshing, slightly pine or cedar-like flavour.

Mastic is used in food, medicine, and industry.


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