You currently can not change pages on Wikipedia.

The ability to change pages has been removed from this account, IP address or IP address range by $1. This block affects $7. The following reason(s) were given for this block:

Your IP address is $3. This block has been set to finish on: $6.

You are not blocked from reading pages, only from changing or creating them.
If you have just clicked a red link, you were blocked from creating a new page as no article on that topic is there yet.

If you think you were not blocked fairly, you can ask an administrator to look at your block and decide whether it should be removed. If you are logged in and using an account with a registered e-mail address, you can e-mail an active administrator. If you are logged in with an account but you do not have a registered e-mail address, then please go to your settings to set one.

If you think the block is unfair, you can add {{unblock|reason goes here}} to the bottom of your talk page, replacing reason goes here with why you think your block is not fair, or send an e-mail to and an administrator will look at your reason and reply. You may want to read our guide to unblock requests before requesting to be unblocked.

Please be aware that abuse of {{unblock}}, using the unblock template many times even when it is denied, personal attacks, or rudeness, will often lead to you being blocked from changing your talk page to stop further misuse of the unblock template.


Sometimes large ranges are blocked from changing Wikipedia for very bad cases of vandalism. This means that a lot of people may not be able to change pages.

If you are blocked and want to change pages you may send an email to and an administrator will look at your reason and reply.

Also, if you have a dynamic IP address, some dynamic IP addresses may already be blocked when they are assigned to you.

We are sorry for any problems this may cause.