Melodi Grand Prix

annual Norwegian song contest hosted by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest preselection

The Melodi Grand Prix is an annual Norwegian music competition broadcast by Norsk Rikskringkasting. The winner of the contest is selected to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest.


The competition began in 1960, the year that Norway joined Eurovision.



The following table shows a list of winners who placed top 5 in Eurovision.

Year Song Artist Position
1960 "Voi Voi" Nora Brockstedt 4th
1966 "Intet er nytt under solen" Åse Kleveland 3rd
1985 "La det swinge" Bobbysocks 1st
1988 "For vår jord" Karoline Krüger 5th
1993 "Alle mine tankar" Silje Vige 5th
1995 "Nocturne" Secret Garden 1st
1996 "I evighet" Elisabeth Andreassen 2nd
2003 "I'm Not Afraid to Move On" Jostein Hasselgård 4th
2008 "Hold On Be Strong" Maria Haukaas Storeng 5th
2009 "Fairytale" Alexander Rybak 1st
2013 "I Feed You My Love" Margaret Berger 4th
2023 "Queen of Kings" Alessandra 5th