Men I Trust

Canadian band

Men I Trust is a Canadian and French dream pop, electropop and indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The group was founded in early 2014. The main members of the group are Emmanuelle "Emma" Proulx (lead singer and guitarist for the band),[1] Dragos Chiriac (the group's keyboardist) and Jessy Caron (the bassist and guitarist). The two original men with the group wanted to name the band "Trust". That name, however, was already taken. That was the reason the music group was officially named "Men I Trust".[2]

Men I Trust released their self-titled extended play on May 28, 2014.[3] They released their first studio album Headroom on June 30, 2015.[4] The group was later joined by the then twenty-three-year-old Emmanuelle "Emma" Proulx. She became an official member with the group in March 2016.[5] Men I Trust released their pop single "I Hope to Be Around" in late 2017. The song was accompanied with a music video.[6]



National Public Radio said Men I Trust was an electropop music group during a 2018 news article.[7] One Culture Mag classified the band as an indie group.[6]




List of studio albums with selected details[8]
Title Album details
Men I Trust
  • Released: June 30, 2015
  • Formats: Vinyl, digital download, streaming
Oncle Jazz
  • Released: September 13, 2019
  • Formats: Vinyl, CD, digital download, streaming
Forever Live Sessions
  • Released: July 9, 2020
  • Formats: Vinyl, CD, digital download, streaming


List of singles as lead artist showing year released and album name[8]
Title Year Album
"Humming Man" 2016 non-album single
"Plain View"
"You Deserve This" 2017 Oncle Jazz
"I Hope to Be Around"
"Show Me How" 2018
"Say, Can You Hear"
"Numb" 2019
"Norton Commander (All We Need)"
"Lucky Sue" 2020 non-album single
"Tides" 2021


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