chemical element with the atomic number of 101 and symbol Md

Mendelevium (pronounced /ˌmɛndəˈlɛviəm/)) is a synthetic element with the symbol Md (used to be Mv) and the atomic number 101. It is a metallic radioactive transuranic element of the actinides.

Dmitri Mendeleev

Mendelevium is created by einsteinium and alpha particles forcefully combining and was named after Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the Periodic Table.

The half-life of Mendelevium 258 is 51 days, while the half-life of Mendelevium 256 is 1.17 hours.

Health Effects


The International Commission on Radiological Protection has set annual exposure limits for the most stable isotope. For mendelevium-258, the ingestion limit was set at 9×105 becquerels (1 Bq = 1 decay per second). Given the half-life of this isotope, this is only 2.48 ng (nanograms). The inhalation limit is at 6000 Bq or 16.5 pg (picogram).

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