Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax

2011 compilation album by the record label mau5trap

Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax is a studio album. It is by artists who are signed to Deadmau5's record label, Mau5trap. It was made to promote the artists and his Meowingtons Hax Tour, which was named after his cat, Professor Meowingtons. Despite the name, only one of the tracks on the album is by Deadmau5, and the rest are by other artists, including Skrillex, Moguai, Datsik and Feed Me.

Track listing change

No. Title Length
1. "Where My Keys" (by Deadmau5) 6:52
2. "Cott's Face" (by Feed Me) 5:56
3. "Static" (by Tommy Lee and Aero) 4:18
4. "LFO Tool" (by Tommy Lee and Aero) 5:23
5. "Deviance" (by Datsik and Excision) 4:32
6. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" (by Skrillex) 5:57
7. "Beat of the Drum (Club Mix)" (by Moguai and SOFI) 7:19
8. "U Turn" (by James Njie) 9:32
9. "Anti Crisis" (by James Njie) 7:24
10. "Blast Wave" (by Al Bizzare) 6:51