Mermaid Prism

video game

Mermaid Prism, is an visual novel video game for the PlayStation 2. The game was developed by Vingt-et-un Systems and published by D3 Publisher exclusively in Japan on October 26, 2006.

Mermaid Prism
Developer(s)Vingt-et-un Systems
Publisher(s)D3 Publisher
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
ReleaseOriginal Version
  • JP: October 26, 2006
Simple 2000 Series
  • JP: November 29, 2007
Genre(s)Visual novel



A visual novel is an interactive fiction game, featuring mostly static graphics, most often using anime-style art or occasionally live-action stills (and sometimes video footage). As the name might suggest, they resemble mixed-media novels. In Japanese terminology, a distinction is often made between visual novels proper (abbreviated NVL), which consist predominantly of narration and have very few interactive elements, and adventure games (abbreviated AVG or ADV), which may incorporate problem-solving and other types of gameplay. This distinction is normally lost outside Japan, where both NVLs and ADVs are commonly referred to as "visual novels" by international fans. Visual novels and ADVs are especially prevalent in Japan, where they made up nearly 70% of the PC game titles released in 2006. Visual novels are distinguished from other game types by their extremely minimal gameplay. Typically the majority of player interaction is limited to clicking to keep the text, graphics and sound moving (most recent games offer "play" or "fast-forward" toggles that make even this unnecessary). Most visual novels have multiple storylines and many endings; the gameplay mechanic in these cases typically consists of intermittent multiple-choice decision points, where the player selects a direction in which to take the game.



Simple 2000 Series Vol.122 - The Ningyo Hime Monogatari - Mermaid Prism is a japanese dating sim, this female-targeted love simulation puts players in the role of a high school student that one day gets warped to a separate world, becoming a mermaid along the way! Good thing she was a member of her school's swimming club! The game allows players to move around on a map, viewing events and gaining experience. The Limited Edition features a Drama CD, 28 pages book and some illustrations.



For women love training simulation with the motif of the "Little Mermaid". Allocates points to each status to level up, can nurture the hero of their own preference. Hero of high school grade, skipped in a different world Sea Bence Fall in conjunction with the best friend from, it becomes a princess mermaid in the world. Long summer vacation going back and forth a different world and reality begins now.