Metre per second

SI unit of speed and velocity

Metre per second is an SI unit of measurement of both speed and velocity. It is defined by the distance in metres divided by the time in seconds. Its abbreviation is m/s or m·s-1. In astronomy, the unit is sometimes used in kilometres per second (equivalent to 1000 metres per second).

Conversions change

1 metre per second is equivalent to:

≈ 3.2808 feet per second (approximately)
≈ 2.2369 miles per hour (approximately)
= 3.6 km·h−1 (exactly)

1 foot per second = 0.3048 m·s−1 (exactly)

1 mile per hour ≈ 0.4470 m·s−1 (approximately)

1 km·h-1 ≈ 0.2778 m·s−1 (approximately)

1 kilometre per second is equivalent to:

≈ 0.6213 miles per second (approximately)
≈ 2,237 miles per hour (approximately)