Metropolitan Police

English territorial police force

The Metropolitan Police is the name of the police service for the Metropolitan police district of Greater London.

Metropolitan Police Service
Metropolitan Police Force
Common name The Met[1]
Abbreviation MPS[2]
Flag of the Metropolitan Police Service.
Motto Working together for a safer London[1]
Mission statement Making London safe for all the people we serve[3]
Agency Overview
Formed 1829, 29 September [4]
Preceding agencies
Employees 52,111[7]
Volunteers 797[8] (and 2,988 special constables)[7]
Annual Budget £4.1bn[9]
Legal personality Governmental agency
Jurisdictional Structure
Divisional agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Police area of Metropolitan Police District in the country of England , UK
Map of police area
Size 1,578 km2 (609 sq mi)
Population 7.4 million
Legal jurisdiction England & Wales (Northern Ireland and Scotland in limited circumstances)
Governing body Metropolitan Police Authority
Constituting instruments
General nature
Operational Structure
Overviewed by Independent Police Complaints Commission/Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
Headquarters New Scotland Yard
Police Constables 36,246[7] (of which 2,988 are special constables)[7]
Police Community Support Officers 4,521[7]
Agency executive Cressida Dick CBE QPM, Commissioner[10]
Stations 180
Boats 22
Helicopters 3
Dogs 250
Official website

It covers all of London boroughs, except the City of London. It is the largest of the 52 police forces in the United Kingdom. In 2009, it had about 30000 police officers, more than three times the size of the next largest force.


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