Mikoyan MiG-27

attack aircraft model by Mikoyan

MiG-27 Flogger is a Soviet fighter aircraft. It first entered into the Soviet Air Force in 1975.

MiG-27 of the Indian Air Force

the mig 27 was heavy strike aircraft can carry up to 5,000 pounds off ordanice it has many more upgrades than the mig 23 it's has an improved radar with no ground clouder and has a big fuel tank off around 1,055 gals and has an upgraded engine and has a thrust ratio off 59,800lb of thrust and about 27 exist till this day but are retired 2 are in the Ukrainian airforce.Combat history the mig27 went into war during the siryan war and did ground attack missions and shot down 2 enemy aircraft in it time period and 1 mig 27 intercepted an f4 phantom during the siryan war and about 108 mig 27 were shot down during air to air combats.